Dublin born artist.

Sylvia has always loved to paint and be creative. In 2013 she completed a Diploma in Art and Design by studying parttime in the National college of Art and Design. In 2013 she returned to NCAD to study fine art as a fulltime mature student. Sylvia graduated in 2016 with a BA Hons first class in Fine Art in Print.

Sylvia works mainly in oils or watercolour but she likes to continually experiment with many different media.

Presently her artwork expresses her wonder and love of the natural world. The Irish countryside is the spark for her creativity. In particular Sylvia has a passion for trees and flowers. She is drawn to their complexity and beauty. The myriad of shapes, colours and textures inherent in the flora are a neverending source of inspiration. Trees have a long history in the art world, essentially a romantic subject used as a metaphor and symbol for life.

Web site sylvialinehan.wix.com/sylvia-l-art and [email protected]