A native Galwegian, Geraldine lives in Bearna, on the shores of Galway Bay. Her paintings are a response to the distinctive climate of the West of Ireland. She is interested, both in her large canvasses and smaller ones, the rapidly shifting weather patterns and changing light effects.

Her paintings are the result of a process of observation and analysis. She uses on site sketching, watercolour studies and photography to record the subject. The Prom paintings here were painted primarily ‘ en plein air’ along the Promenade in Salthill. Concentrating on capturing the actual light and weather condition on that day Geraldine initially laid down on canvas a loose outline of shapes used in the composition of the painting, she then built up, applying colour, using palette knife and brushing on layers of glazing. Colour is very important to her and she seeks to capture the true colours and changing shapes of the skies, seas and landscape.

She attended the College of Art, GMIT, Galway as a mature student and attained a BA Degree in Fine Art and Print. She now works as a fulltime artist in her studio in Bearna village.
She has exhibited in Galway Dublin Cork and Ballina, London and Germany. Her work is in collections both in Ireland and abroad.
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