Born and raised in London, Diana has always been drawn to art and learned at an early age to express her creativity through a variety of mediums. She studied Dress Design at Southgate and Barnet College, London.

Over the years, Diana has created artworks using watercolours, pastels, clay sculpting, and also dyes on silk, but it was oil painting classes she took in Southern Spain, while living there for some years, that ignited her passion for oils.

Diana predominantly works in oils and acrylics, and while she is always keen to expand and hone her skills by experimenting with different techniques, her forte is realism – giving the age old genre of ‘Still Life’ a contemporary twist.

Many elements factor into the creation of a beautiful painting, such as attention to detail, choice and arrangement of objects, and creative lighting. Paying close attention to reflected light and shadows, and rendering the subject carefully, are equally important in Diana’s process.

Since leaving Spain, Diana has settled in the lovely country of Ireland, where the Arts are greatly encouraged and supported.

Her work has attracted collectors worldwide, from America to Australia. She shows her work throughout Ireland and is also represented by Irish galleries.

1942 Oranges and Bay ocp 40 x 40 cm 10.2.17 blog

1741 Invader 40 x 80cm oil on canvas blog