I am a creative soul, who began utilizing a variety of mediums as a form of pain relief while battling chronic illness as a adolescent & young adult. Creativity is my personal therapy. It is my happy place where there are endless opportunities & new exciting discoveries. With a background in Social Care & as a qualified Mindfulness facilitator, I aim to share all that I know about the healing power of Art with the wider community. I work alongside individuals of all ages & abilities who don’t think of themselves as artistic but wish to live a more creatively mindful life. I help teach individual’s creative outlets for stress relief and authentic creative playfulness. I believe that we can all use art to know ourselves, understand and transform our feelings, and ultimately live mindfully. My art takes many forms & my style is fluid. I enjoy how individuals admiring my art view it from within themselves & not what I, or another individual, may see. From paint on a canvas to transforming the shape and form of a piece of wire to create a beautifully unique piece of jewelry, creativity is simply intelligence having fun.