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Tilted Anchor jewellery is designed and handcrafted by Ali Peter.

Ali is a Canadian jewellery maker who has studied the craft in Florence, Seoul, San Francisco and Calgary. She has a studio and retail space in Thomastown, Ireland.

Ali grew up by the sea in Atlantic, Canada, and is drawn to its fathomless, endless, ceaseless ways. Anchors display the power of the sea with their eroded surfaces and rough textures. They have a worn look that amplifies the onlookers understanding of their purpose. We usually see anchors on land, retired from the sea, resting on their side, tilted.

She is inspired by the cycles of nature and the cultures of the world. Many years of working and travelling in Asia, Europe, and North and South America, observing different techniques and styles, have forged her respect for traditional craftsmanship, metals and gemstones. She keeps a studio in a seaside hamlet in Japan, and feels a particular kinship to the concept of wabi-sabi, an artistic sensibility which finds beauty within the imperfections and natural cycles of life.

In her work she seeks to render the forces of time and nature upon her materials.

Her work typically employs mixed metals, silver and gold, and natural gem stones. Gem stones are chosen for their unique properties of cut, colour and shape and are often sourced on her travels and via international contacts. Techniques used to recreate textures found in the world around us include hammering, fusing, granulation, reticulation, patination and keum-boo (Korean technique fusing 24k gold foil onto silver).

The artist hopes the owners will enjoy the one of a kind personality of her pieces

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